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7116 Bethesda Lane Bethesda, MD 20814

Located among the open-air boutiques, shops, and spas near Bethesda Row, this showroom features fully interactive product displays, free swatches and a team of design experts ready to assist you.
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The Shade Store

7116 Bethesda Lane

Bethesda, MD 20814

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Sima R  | Bethesda, MD |  October 14, 2021

Thank you for your follow up. We are very happy with the shades. I really appreciate your assistance and attention to details during the process.  

S R  | Bethesda, MD |  October 14, 2021

Thank you for your follow up. We are very happy with the shades. I really appreciate your assistance and attention to details during the process.  

Tabitha B  | Chevy Chase, MD |  September 12, 2021

We’re very happy with the shades. The gentlemen who came to install them did a wonderful job. I’m starting to think about more shades. I appreciate the excellent service and quality.  

Nava T  | Silver Spring, MD |  August 26, 2021

Thank you for all your help in bringing our project to satisfactory fruition. I am sure that, without your help, this project would have gone south. Thank you for being cooperative, professional, and patient. Looking forward to working with you in the future. 

Julie J  | Bethesda, MD |  May 26, 2021

Thanks for reaching out, and for all of your help with my window project. The installation yesterday went well, and I’m already enjoying my lovely new shade! I’m very pleased with how it all turned out and with your company in general, since this was the first time I’ve had the opportunity to work with you; you all really offer a great process and product.  

Susan W  | Cabin John, MD |  May 25, 2021

The shades are just perfect in every way. They look terrific and I loved working with you. Everything was so easy. I’m considering something similar for my bedroom windows and I’ll be in touch.  

Mike & Joan S  | Chevy Chase, MD |  May 25, 2021

We love them, they look so good, glad we spent so much time picking out shade colors/patterns with you.  

Mariya B  | Rockville, MD |  May 22, 2021

Thank you so much for outstanding customer service!  

Iman A  | Washington, DC |  May 21, 2021

It was great! I had the best nights sleep in the bedroom last night with the sun no longer coming in at 6am!!!! Thank you so much for everything.  

Linda & Jerry H  | Silver Spring, MD |  February 20, 2021

We love the shades! And the installer was cheerful, neat, professional. Another one of those projects where you say why did we wait so long to do that? Thanks for your help. We will definitely recommend The Shade Store.  

Dolores S  | Washington, DC |  February 19, 2021

Installation went very smoothly and I am very happy with my new blinds! Thank you for all your help throughout the process.I’m looking forward to sleeping without an eye mask tonight!  

Shanee U  | Bethesda, MD |  February 11, 2021

Thanks for following up. My first experience with The Shade Store has been flawless, very easy and I am pleased with the installation. We did a great job collaborating via phone. Thank you, and hope to be in touch to go forward with more shade ideas.  

Lindsey W  | Frederick, MD |  March 10, 2020

The install went fantastic! Ralph was wonderful! I am beyond pleased with how they turned out! The colors look perfect and the quality is better than I imagined!  

Tom Z  | Bethesda, MD |  February 29, 2020

The installation was great and the shade looks and works perfectly. We’ll be in touch with you the next time we need shades. 

Candace S  | North Beach, MD |  February 15, 2020

The install was super efficient and we love the shades. It’s the perfect finishing touch to our main living area! Thanks for all your help. Really appreciate it. 

Praveena G  | Ellicott City, MD |  January 12, 2020

The shades look amazing and we're so pleased with them! Thank you so much for all your help! 

Rachel F  | Rockville, MD |  December 27, 2019

We are very pleased with the window treatments—they are perfect and the installation was quick and painless. Thanks for working with us and for your patience throughout the process. 

Robin G  | bethesda, MD |  December 13, 2019

My office shades were installed today and I could not be happier!! They are beautiful! This is what I have been searching for. Thank you both for your help and patience on my long journey. I’m grateful for this happy ending! 

Deepak & Vibha  T  | Natick, MA |  December 9, 2019

The installation went very smoothly and the person who did the installation was not only professional but also a thorough gentleman. Thanks for all your help. 

Deborah F  | Washington , DC |  December 6, 2019

We had our installation in our dining room and bedroom on Tuesday and could not be more excited with how they both came out. Thank you for all of your help! 

Jeanne G  | Arlington, VA |  December 5, 2019

The shades look great. I also really appreciate how professional and attentive your installer was especially around calling ahead. I always love working with you!! 

Dan R  | Bethesda, MD |  November 16, 2019

I love the privacy when needed and shade for sleeping in a bit on a weekend. The whole process was very smooth on all fronts. Thank you for taking great care of us. 

Dorothy B  | SILVER SPRING, MD |  November 8, 2019

The shades are just beautiful and the installation went very smooth. Ralph did a great job! I'm very happy with their look. 

Tinelle L  | Bethesda, MD |  October 10, 2019

From the beginning you were so helpful and easy to work with and you made the whole process so easy. Today the blinds were installed and everything was perfect! We’ve worked with so many people and companies over the last year while building this house and you guys were by far the best! Thank you so much for making it so nice and easy! We will definitely be loyal customers will be referring you to everyone!!  

Claudia T  | Bethesda, MD |  September 29, 2019

The installation process was very good. No problems at all. I am very satisfied! 

Sheila F  | Bethesda, MD |  September 20, 2019

Ralph is here and he has finalized the install of the three shades. They are perfect. 

Lori H  | Bethesda, MD |  September 16, 2019

The shade is great and the installers were on time and super polite and professional. Sleeping in the dark again is amazing. Thank you so much for your help.  

Amy D  | Washington , DC |  August 16, 2019

We're extremely happy with our new shades. They fit well, do wonders with blocking out the light and heat, and look beautiful.  

Corinne M  | Bethesda, MD |  August 15, 2019

Everything was wonderful! Very professional, seamless and super easy. It made all the stress of a project like this, disappear. Please thank Ralph for me, he did a great job and was super fast.  

Jason S  | Halethorpe, MD |  August 5, 2019

Thank you Stephanie. You have a lifelong customer in me!! 

Brennan M  | Bethesda , MD |  July 31, 2019

The Installation was fantastic! They look amazing. Thank you much!  

Joost v  | Bethesda, MD |  July 26, 2019

The installers did a great job today and the curtains and blinds look spectacular! I could not be happier with the final result! Thank you so much for all your help! 

Sarah B  | Washington , DC |  July 22, 2019

I love it, thanks. Also, your installer is wonderful.  

Flo M  | Washington , DC |  July 19, 2019

They look terrific! Exactly what I wanted. 

Tim O  | Kensington, MD |  July 17, 2019

Shades are in!! The guy who came was amazing--quick, neat--everything one could hope for. Thank you for all of your help.  

Hannah G  | Chevy Chase, MD |  July 8, 2019

Thank you so much Stephanie, I really appreciate your hep!! 

Christy O  | Chevy Chase, MD |  July 3, 2019

The shades look great. Your measurer/installer is wonderfully polite and professional.  

Melinda W  | McLean, VA |  July 3, 2019

The shades look wonderful. Thanks for your assistance.  

Madaline  D  | Chevy Chase, MD |  June 20, 2019

We are happy with them!! Will be in touch with future needs when we have them :) 

Oksana S  | Bethesda, MD |  June 8, 2019

Thank you very much for helping us with every step of this process! We really appreciate your patience and your advice. 

Tina H  | Silver Spring , MD |  May 31, 2019

The shade is beautiful!! It looks great. I can’t believe the serendipity of just walking into your store and finding exactly what I had envisioned for the bath window, with your help of course! Thanks!  

Terri R  | Bethesda, MD |  May 30, 2019

The tech is a great installer, as I’m sure you know. Thanks for helping us get this done a day early. The shade looks beautiful!  

WonKee M  | Washington, DC |  May 29, 2019

Installation was super easy. We are very happy with our blinds. Thanks!  

Ellen U  | Bethesda, MD |  May 4, 2019

The shades look great! They really look fantastic. Thanks very much  

Ruth K  | Bethesda, MD |  May 1, 2019

You have been very responsive which makes a happy customer! 

Elsie H  | Bethesda, MD |  April 27, 2019

The installation went so well today! The technician guy was very professional and super nice! Thanks again for helping me pick out those colors. They are really beautiful!  

Barbara B  | Potomac, MD |  April 26, 2019

The curtains are installed and look great! I am very happy. The fabric is beautiful and the blackout works perfectly. Thanks for all your help. 

Ashley S  | Washington , DC |  April 22, 2019

The shades arrived last week and we installed them over the weekend. The pictures don't do them justice (I'm a horrible photographer); they look amazing in person! Casual but clean and put-together. I especially love the top-down feature. Thank you for your help and fabric advice!  

Nora B  | New York , NY |  April 18, 2019

They look great - the installation was great too. Thank you so much for all of your help. 

Robert  B  | Crosby Designs | Alexandria, VA |  April 10, 2019

Your team did a great job installing our newest shade in the kitchen. They were prompt and professional. 

Natan Z  | Silver Spring, MD |  April 3, 2019

They look great! Soon it will be time to upgrade the rest of the room 

Rise A  | Chevy Chase, MD |  April 2, 2019

The installation was great. Ralph was terrific. Thank you. 

Allison F  | Baltimore, MD |  March 9, 2019

The installation was nice and smooth. All good on our end. Thanks! Awesome service.  

Shahrzad J  | Washington , DC |  March 8, 2019

It looks really nice and the install went well. Thanks for your help! 

Amy R  | Frederick , MD |  March 8, 2019

We absolutely love the drapes! Thank you very much for your help with the process. They are perfect!  

Roxana V  | Winmar Construction | Bethesda , MD |  March 7, 2019

The installation went great. The drapes look amazing. Everyone here happy! Thanks again for all your help.  

Laurie H  | Chevy Chase , MD |  March 2, 2019

The installation went very smoothly and the shades look great! 

Elizabeth  D  | Bethesda, MD |  March 1, 2019

Excellent service thank you so much! Everything is perfect. 

Nancy H  | Bethesda, MD |  February 21, 2019

All went very well. The installer was great, very professional. The shade looks awesome! Thanks for all your help!  

Nevra L  | McLean, VA |  February 21, 2019

The shades are installed. They look and work great! Thanks again!  

Regine M  | Silver Spring, MD |  February 19, 2019

I love it. It’s perfect. Thank you so much for your help.  

Layna C  | Bethesda, MD |  February 2, 2019

Everything looks great. Thanks for all your help! 

Sharon  M  | Bethesda, MD |  February 2, 2019

All went well and it looks beautiful!  

Shelley G  | Chevy Chase , MD |  January 21, 2019

Thank you so much! I appreciate it and I will look forward to speaking to you soon.  

Julie Z  | Bethesda, MD |  January 15, 2019

Thank you! Excellent service and products!  

Meg H  | Washington , DC |  January 12, 2019

Everything went great! We love the shades!  

Alaina S  | Washington, DC |  January 11, 2019

The installation went smoothly and the shades look great! Thanks for all your assistance.  

Pilar G  | Washington , DC |  January 9, 2019

The curtains are beautiful! I am glad that I waited to have the carriers in black. Thank you for the good service.  

Paige  S  | Washington , DC |  January 9, 2019

All looks great - thanks for everything!  

Meg H  | Washington , DC |  December 21, 2018

My client loves the shades. I appreciate your help and communication.  

Madeleine F  | Gaithersburg , MD |  December 21, 2018

Everything was perfect! The blinds are gorgeous, and just what I had imagined! The installer was very professional and friendly, and I love that he even took the time to vacuum afterwards! I couldn't have asked for anything more.  

Lance / Michelle C  | Bethesda, MD |  December 21, 2018

I just left this recommendation of you! Thanks for all of your Help! and your sweet hand written note.  

Liesl  H  | Washington , DC |  December 20, 2018

We love the shades and your installer was amazing! Thank you so much for your help.  

Susan L  | Washington , DC |  December 13, 2018

Thank you for your attention.  

Lisa A  | GERMANTOWN, MD |  November 23, 2018

The shades look terrific! I’m very happy with how they came out. The installer was very nice and did a great job.  

Jay M  | Alexandria , VA |  November 10, 2018

Thank you for all the great work and attention to detail.The installer is great and very professional with tremendous experience. Kudos to both of you!  

Courtland W  | Washington , DC |  November 8, 2018

Looks great! We’re really pleased and appreciate doing business with you!  

Anthony M  | Potomac , MD |  October 9, 2018

We love the shades! Thank you SO MUCH for all of your advice - everything you said was spot on, and we are very grateful! 

Lauren P  | Georgetown , DC |  October 7, 2018

My daughter says that the window treatments are amazing.mShe said that the installer was great, too. Thanks a million for everything.