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Dallas - Preston Royal

6025 Royal Lane, Suite 127 Dallas, TX 75230

Located at Preston Royal Village, known for its inviting atmosphere and premium shopping, this showroom features fully interactive product displays, free swatches and a team of design experts.
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The Shade Store

6025 Royal Lane, Suite 127

Dallas, TX 75230

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Carol M  | Dallas, TX |  October 13, 2021

Great job and what a wonderful man came to install them. 

Merlyn S  | Norman, OK |  October 6, 2021

Thank you so much for your help with this process!  

Jayna H  | Dallas, TX |  September 28, 2021

Thank you so much for following up. They turned out wonderful and fit perfectly. Really appreciate it!  

Lorraine F  | Flower Mound, TX |  September 28, 2021

All is well and the install went very well, I’m so happy with my roller shades and can’t wait to finish the living room next spring.  

Mike Y  | Dallas, TX |  September 27, 2021

Thank you for your help and support. You really did a stellar job and we appreciate you.  

Fred & Clair G  | Dallas, TX |  September 27, 2021

Thanks again for all your help!  

Stuart S  | Plano, TX |  September 25, 2021

Perfect! Thank you for your help!!  

Bev G  | Richardson, TX |  September 17, 2021

We love the look of our new shades that were installed yesterday! Thank you for all your help in making it happen. We will be back once we finish the process of getting our other windows replaced. 

Warren O  | Dallas, TX |  September 15, 2021

No problems! I appreciate the guidance and assistance from you! 

Monica R  | Dallas, TX |  September 8, 2021

We are very happy with how the shades turned out, and installation went well.  

Stephanie A  | Dallas, TX |  September 15, 2021

Thank you and yes we are happy with our blinds so far! 

Mary B  | Dallas, TX |  September 2, 2021

I am happy to say that everything turned out beautifully.  

Diann G  | Dallas, TX |  August 31, 2021

The replacements look fantastic! Thank you for the great service in replacing the shades.  

Silvia D  | Dallas, TX |  August 31, 2021

All went well. The installer was great and we love the shades! Thanks for everything!  

Ellyce L  | Dallas, TX |  August 23, 2021

The installation went great, and I'm loving the new curtains. I really appreciate your help -- especially your creativity with the 4 panels! That made everything look fabulous. Many thanks again 

Gina   | Addison, TX |  August 26, 2021

I just came into the office and the shades look AMAZING!!! We are so thrilled with everything - thank you for your support through this entire process! 

Catherine G  | Plano, TX |  August 25, 2021

Thank you so much for all of your help and patience over the last few months as we got this figured out.  

Merlyn S  | Norman, OK |  August 19, 2021

It was so great to meet you! The session was extremely helpful! Thank you so much! 

James H  | Dallas, TX |  August 13, 2021

The installer was on time and made very quick work of hanging the shade. The color of the shade is just right and I'm very happy with it. 

Sarah   | Dallas, TX |  August 5, 2021

The drapes look amazing! Thank you for being such a pleasure to work with! 

Daniel   | Dallas, TX |  August 5, 2021

We are super happy!! They look great!! Thanks for all of your help!! 

Amanda S  | Dallas, TX |  August 4, 2021

Everything looks great we are so pleased with how the shades came out. Thank you for checking back in! I’ll reach back out in the fall to revisit the plan for the living/dining room! Thanks!  

Nancy S  | Los Altos, CA |  July 29, 2021

Love the new shades and the installer was fantastic!! We are really happy about getting them installed and not being blinded by the afternoon sun as I prepare dinner. Thank you for all your help. 

Mason   | Dallas, TX |  July 21, 2021

We love the window treatments, they look great. And we will definitely be in touch for future window work when we need it. 

Jan E  | Landrum, SC |  July 15, 2021

They are very happy with shades and the pictures they sent to me confirms how beautiful the installation went. Thanks again for your assistance.  

Valerie M  | Dallas, TX |  July 13, 2021

Thank you for your follow-up. I am very happy with the detail that the shades add to the rooms they are in and am very happy with the colors and material.  

Cabell S  | Bethesda, MD |  July 12, 2021

The installer did a nice job and the blinds are beautiful.  

Michele P  | Dallas, TX |  July 9, 2021

Everything went great I think we are all set now I just have to work on the other rooms but I’ll get in touch with you. Thank you so much for all your help.  

Becky   | Mount Vernon, TX |  June 29, 2021

The install was great yesterday. I love the treatments and the installers were really awesome working without air conditioning as the new unit doesn’t work. Many thanks for all your help with my project. I did get measurements for the other windows and would like to discuss in a couple of weeks.  

Dr Phillip R  | Sarasota, FL |  June 28, 2021

Please know that I appreciate your help and assistance.  

Carmen B  | Dallas, TX |  June 27, 2021

Thank you for ALL of your help!!  

Ashley   | Dallas, TX |  June 24, 2021

Thank you for all of your help, this process has been super easy! 

Dianne S  | Dallas, TX |  June 24, 2021

Installation went smoothly and all fit wonderfully well. Your installation team went right to work doing so efficiently and in good humor. The shade looks wonderful and we are all pleased!!!  

Andrea W  | Plano, TX |  June 22, 2021

Everything went smoothly. The shade is lovely and looks precisely as I imagined. The installer was efficient and knowledgeable. I look forward to our next project. Thank you so much for all your assistance.  

Emily & Cary M  | Midland, TX |  June 22, 2021

Absolutely love it! So so pleased thank you!  

Melinda D  | Plano, TX |  June 22, 2021

Everything went well and I love the shades and fabric. Thanks so much for your help!! 

Gina B  | Wyle, TX |  June 22, 2021

Everything went perfectly and the Roman shades are great. Thanks for the note.  

Kelia F  | Dallas, TX |  June 21, 2021

Thanks for checking in. Yes, everything is great! Thanks so much!  

Maryanne W  | Plano, TX |  June 14, 2021

Great job, thank you. 

Tiffany P  | Mercer Island, WA |  June 8, 2021

We LOVE our blind, thank you again! 

Lacey S  | Dallas, TX |  June 4, 2021

Installation was wonderful. We are so happy with our new shades. They look beautiful and function seamlessly. Thank you again for all your help!  

Charmaine T  | New York, NY |  May 29, 2021

Everything looks good! 

Alexis E  | Dallas, TX |  May 24, 2021

Yes everything went perfectly and I’m so happy with how the blinds turned out! Looking forward to finishing the rest of the blinds hopefully soon. Thank you so much!  

Emily L  | Dallas, TX |  May 22, 2021

Thanks again for your time today. It was incredibly helpful to see all our options.  

Alice M  | Dallas, TX |  May 20, 2021

It went great! Everything on time and the guy was very lovely and quick. Thank you for your help! 

Amy B  | Southlake, TX |  May 10, 2021

Thanks so much for all your help on this project! 

Lori & John T  | Dallas, TX |  May 4, 2021

Thanks so much!! Really appreciate your help - we do absolutely love our blinds and curtains!  

Amber W  | Dallas, TX |  May 2, 2021

Everything is wonderful! We are loving them! I will be coming back to you soon to get the downstairs windows picked out and ordered.  

Carolyn C  | Dallas, TX |  May 3, 2021

Thank you. Everything went well. The drapes have transformed my bedroom! It looks really nice. The kitchen shade also looks good and it keeps the morning sun out of my eyes.  

Kimberly T  | Richardson, TX |  May 1, 2021

Thank you so much for your help with the order and with the follow up! The install went great and we are loving all of the shades!  

Tatiana & Jose G  | Forney, TX |  April 27, 2021

I wanted to thank you for all of your work throughout this process. We are very happy with our new curtains. They look great and we appreciate all of your attention in this matter.  

Jennie F  | Jefferson City, MO |  April 21, 2021

We love all of our curtains from The Shade Store, they are beautiful, functional and well made.  

Kimberly V  | Dallas, TX |  March 22, 2021

Yes, we are happy. Thank you! And the installation went smoothly. In about 4 months we’ll have your team back out here to take measurements for an additional bedroom. (I think our oldest son has already chosen the black linen for his room, too.  

Joelle P  | Armonk, NY |  April 12, 2021

It looks great! Nice way to start the week. Thanks for all of your help! 

Erica & Andy S  | Dallas, TX |  March 16, 2021

We appreciate all your help and look forward to the installation. 

Ajitha K  | SOUTHLAKE, TX |  March 16, 2021

Thanks for helping us with our window coverings. We are enjoying them!  

Jennifer B  | Dallas, TX |  March 14, 2021

It went wonderfully! Everything is perfect. Thanks so much for following up.  

Marilee W  | Oak Point, TX |  March 14, 2021

We ordered and installed beautiful shades for our master. I believe this was our 5th order. We only use The Shade Store window treatments in our home as they are outstanding as is the customer service the company hands out.  

Lanny G  | Charlotte, NC |  March 11, 2021

They look great! Thanks so much!  

Bill L  | Dallas, TX |  March 9, 2021

I am extremely impressed with all aspects of The Shade Store!  

Leanne B  | Dallas, TX |  March 2, 2021

The new drapes are perfect. Thank you for everything - your time and patience, you were really great! I most definitely will be contacting you when I need anything else.  

Patti B  | McKinney, TX |  February 14, 2021

Thanks for checking in. Yes the install went smoothly and they look really good. I will be back when I do the upstairs window. 

Michele S  | Dallas, TX |  February 10, 2021

I absolutely love my shades! 

Bill L  | DALLAS, TX |  February 10, 2021

Thank you so very much I cannot begin to express how much I appreciate your quick responses and your true white-glove approach to everything I can only say that I give The Shade Store an A+ on everything! 

Amy   | Dallas, TX |  January 16, 2021

Thanks so much for the follow up everything looks great and I’m very appreciative for you replacing everything and making it right for me. I will definitely recommend The Shade Store and use you again in the future. 

Lori P  | Dallas, TX |  February 4, 2021

Thank you. We will be happy to check this off our list. The shades look great!  

Theresa C  | Sachse, TX |  January 30, 2021

The installers were great & everything looks good. Thank you for checking. I'll know this summer if I need more.  

Mary H  | Dallas, TX |  January 27, 2021

The Shade Store has been so helpful and a pleasure to work with! Looking forward to placing my order!  

Gisella S  | Southlake, TX |  January 6, 2021

I love them! Turned out great. Thanks for following-up. Looking forward to working with you in the future.  

Shannon E  | Dallas, TX |  January 9, 2021

Everything turned out amazing. Thank you! 

Adrienne C  | Carrollton, TX |  January 8, 2021

Hi Sonia! The blinds are absolutely perfect! Thank you! 

Ima T  | Frisco, TX |  January 8, 2021

Everything looks great! Thanks so much!  

Megan S  | Dallas, TX |  January 5, 2021

The office window is now wonderful! Thanks! 

Greg S  | Flower Mound, TX |  December 15, 2020

All went well. We are very pleased.  

Diann G  | Dallas, TX |  December 9, 2020

The shades are beautiful and the installer did a great job. 

Jenny M  | University Park, TX |  December 9, 2020

They look great! I love them, you were so helpful through the whole process. Thank you!  

Vivian S  | Frisco, TX |  December 7, 2020

The installation went very smooth. We love the shades!! Thanks again for all your help, we’ll be ordering for the laundry room and dinning room next. I’d love to get those two rooms as well as the valences.  

Betsy N  | Dallas, TX |  December 1, 2020

All went smoothly. The installer ended up arriving early and all the treatments look really nice on the windows. Thank you so much for all your help. I really appreciate it.  

Debbie P  | Carrollton, TX |  November 21, 2020

Love the ripple drapes.The Shade Store is the best! Thank you!  

Hasima N  | Little Elm, TX |  November 11, 2020

Everything went very smoothly, and they look amazing. We love them. Thanks for helping us.  

Diann G  | Dallas, TX |  November 4, 2020

It’s been great to work with you, also. I appreciate all of your help.  

Carol F  | Birmingham, MI |  November 2, 2020

Thank you for everything! They look great! 

Allison   | Lewisville, TX |  October 29, 2020

I absolutely love them and they look beautiful hanging up in my Living Room! Thank you so much for all of your help and I look forward to working with you on future projects. 

Jen   | Jacksonvile Beach, FL |  October 27, 2020

We are absolutely in love with the master. Has totally transformed the room. Thank you so much for working with me and please thank the whole company for the amazing gift of a tree donation. We were quite touched by the generosity and creativity of the gift. Thanks again and stay healthy.  

Vincent   | Ridgefield, CT |  October 23, 2020

Great job with the window shades. They look great! 

Leanne B  | Dallas, TX |  October 21, 2020

The blinds are beautiful!!  

Karol H  | Colleyville, TX |  October 17, 2020

My installation was expertly done and we couldn’t be happier. I can’t believe I have put it off so long. The installer was terrific, you guys are lucky to have him. Thank you for your help with this crazy front door. I will definitely call you when I need work done on my shades. 

Liz H  | Dallas, TX |  October 17, 2020

Everything looks great. Thanks! 

Charles H  | Tulsa, OK |  October 14, 2020

Thank you for the great service! 

William A  | Dallas, TX |  October 12, 2020

The other curtain is now hung and it looks beautiful!  

Elliot   | NY, NY |  October 8, 2020

All good with the installation. Installers were fabulous. We are thrilled with the design and color. Love the uninterrupted valance. All good! Thanks for everything. You have a well-deserved national reputation. I was worried that this was complicated. The organization sure knew what it was doing. Your gentle thoughts on design were really helpful. 

Emily K  | Dallas, TX |  October 7, 2020

Thank you so much, you've been wonderful! 

Kristie Z  | Dallas, TX |  September 27, 2020

Thanks for checking in! I absolutely love them! Thanks for your help.  

Elaine M  | Dallas, TX |  September 24, 2020

We love our new shades. A fabulous job!!!  

Ashleigh P  | Atlanta, GA |  September 21, 2020

All went well for the blinds installation. They look fantastic! Thanks so much.  

William A  | Dallas, TX |  September 21, 2020

Thanks for all your help!  

Tami C  | Dallas, TX |  September 16, 2020

The install was smooth and we LOVE the new shades, they are perfect! No more “death rays” coming into the kitchen windows as the sun sets! Many thanks for your help with this, very much appreciated. 

Erin R  | Dallas, TX |  September 10, 2020

We are happy with the shades! Thank you!  

Rebecca B  | Carrollton, TX |  September 6, 2020

I had my shades installed today and they are beautiful.  

Kathy L  | Dallas, TX |  September 6, 2020

Thanks so much for your patience and professionalism.